Fox Affairs

A project that took two years, Fox Affairs is my first time venture deep into the world of myth and archeology. The project was sparked by an observation about recent Chinese pop culture: Stories around a fox figure have steadily gain more and more popularity, it has been portrayed in tv series, cinemas and Japanese manga. This fox holds the power of magic that can transform itself into human, and with thousands of years of practice, it can even transcendent to deity. I got curious, then I started digging, and it has led me through a long and winding journey to my graduation project.

During the first phase of the research, I followed the appearance of fox being through historical records to early creation myth, then led to the reading of stars as early astrological practices as well as cosmology, and early astronomy. The continuum of magic and technique to science and technology became clearer and clearer.

clue cards I made according to the research discovery: sense of spatial orientation in early Chinese cosmology
Connection between early artifacts, totem, and mathematical system in Yi Jing
link between animal totem, star system and spatial orientation

The rich system and incredible amount of information uncovered through this journey led to a form of presentation that is both theatrical but also requires deep concentration and following the lead by my stories.

The room positioned in accordance with the directional awareness in Chinese system

Visitors are to go into the room one by one, guided by the voice from the headset, they will walk in the order from East to West, then to the North and finally down South to experience the story unfold in their hands, heads and memories.

All the objects are to be touched and manipulated according to the wish of each visitor. So different links might emerge and different stories formed.

North Table full of clues and materials

If you want to listen to the story, you can click play under here:

If you would like to read my thesis, please send me a message, here you can see a few page sample:

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